Meet The Flock II

  1. Flying D 1601 RR Teddy
    Ram: Sired 13 lambs in 2018: 6 ewe lambs, and 7 ram lambs NABSSAR registration number: 15196 Twin; Genotype: RR
  2. Flying D 1202 Lincoln
    Ram: Sired 3+ lambs in 2018: So far 2 ewe lambs and 1 ram lamb; He is also the sire of Sunshine's lambs to be NABSSAR # 11838; Twin; Genotype: RR
  3. Wool Ridge Isabelle
    Lambed March 22, 2018; single ram lamb NABSSAR Registration # 11510; Genotype QR
  4. Mt. Fanny 149 Easter
    Lambed March 25,2018; twin white ram lambs NABSSAR Registration #12416; Genotype QQ
  5. Lil'Miss Sunshine
    Sunshine is due to lamb soon! She has the sweetest disposition, thus her name, Lil'Miss Sunshine. She also has wonderful wool. I can't wait to see her lambs!